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US Pets knows how important your pet is to you and they know what you want. You want to be able to safely and easily provide what your animal needs when they need it. You want speedy, secure shipping right to your door. Most importantly, you want to be able to take care of your beloved animal without breaking the bank!

US Pets knows all these things and more because all of their employees are pet owners and they treat their animals like their children! They set out to provide everything that a dedicated owner will want to provide for the more furry members of their family at prices that are fair and without the hassle and gimmicks you often find yourself having to deal with when you just want to quickly shop and move on with your day.


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In 1952, Duncraft became a pioneer in manufacturing products for a hobby that is now the second largest in America—backyard bird feeding. Sales began with only a small tear-out ad in the New Yorker. Over the years, Gil continued inventing and producing products for wild bird lovers.

In the 1960’s Duncraft published a black & white 16 page mail-order catalog, offering bird feeders, houses, seeds and bird-oriented gifts for wild bird lovers. In the 1970’s, the second generation, Mike and Sharon Dunn, continued to grow the company, crafting Duncraft-brand bird feeders, houses, premium hard-to-find bird seed blends, and producing a bi-annual mail-order catalog featuring top quality bird products, most manufactured by Duncraft.

Duncraft entered the world of eCommerce in the mid 1990’s with their website, Duncraft’s website now offers the largest selection of wild bird feeding supplies online. Duncraft continuously strives to engage customers, helping them learn more about their backyard birds.

As it began in 1952, Duncraft continues to be the primary source for new ideas in the bird feeding industry—giving bird lovers years of bird feeding enjoyment, success and satisfaction.





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