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For sports enthusiasts around the world, Paragon Sports is considered the benchmark of quality for all types of sports equipment and clothing. Privately owned since 1908, they have taken pride in showcasing products from the brands you know and love as well as unique and exceptional brands that you may not be familiar with yet.

They take great pride in offering peerless quality, vast selection, uncompromising service, and uniqueness of product not to be rivaled by any other sports store in the world. For some retailers these are just words; at Paragon, they’re a reality. You will find everything you need (and more) in a unique “Specialty Shop” environment within their huge single store located at 18th Street and Broadway in New York City, and now online.

At Paragon Sports, they are committed to bringing you the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the sports and outdoor field. It is their mission to provide a unique and fulfilling shopping experience to every customer, every time, by setting the standard in customer service and quality product.

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If it’s true that experience brings wisdom, then Columbia Sportswear’s more than 70 years in business should mean they know a thing or two about making great outdoor gear. They like to think so and that’s why their mission statement is: Design and deliver authentic, outdoor, high-value products for active consumers of all ages.

They enjoy the outdoors as much as you do, which means Columbia knows what you need. They know that being cold and wet is no fun. Blue eyes may be sexy, but blue lips aren’t. And, while a sunny day is excellent, sunburn sucks. That’s why they make high-quality performance products that keep you comfortable and protected, no matter where your excursions take you.

The outdoors isn’t all about remote expeditions or climbing the world’s highest mountains. Anyone can enjoy the outdoors. It’s easy. Just open the door and go outside. From the mountain peak to the neighborhood park, from the glacier to the garden, and from the Tour de France to training wheels, Columbia helps you enjoy your outdoor adventure anywhere you like to play.

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by a small band of outdoor industry iconoclasts. They saw the industry changing, compromising quality and dumbing down products to serve less technical users. Mountain Hardwear was founded to buck this trend in order to stay true to the needs of outdoor athletes.

Over the last 20 years, their independence and willingness to do things differently has driven innovation in outdoor apparel and equipment. You’ll see more Mountain Hardwear expedition tents on 8,000 meter peaks than any other brand. From the first taped soft shell jacket to the first tent with 180° views, their products combine cutting edge materials technology with unconventional design solutions.

Mountain Hardwear believes everyone who enjoys the outdoors is an outdoor athlete. From high altitude climbers to weekend day-hikers, we all aspire to better physical experiences in the outdoors.




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