Merchants Spotlight – Vol 1

Merchants Spotlight – Vol 1


 Merchants Spotlight | October 2013

So many merchants…

So little time.  As you may have noticed we have reviewed a lot of products and services in our years here on the web.  And we have seen many wonderful merchants, retailers, shops and service providers that we know you would find interesting but that maybe you have never heard of before. So we decided we should showcase a handful of them every month to keep you all informed and up to date to make your online shopping experiences a little better.  In this column we will give you a quick intro to each merchant or service provider to get you acquainted with what they have to offer. And if they are available, we will present special discounts or coupon codes for you to save some money when you make your first purchase.  This month we will introduce you to NOVICA, Blendtec, Reading Eggs, Miche Bag and US PEts.  And now, without further ado, here is our Merchants Spotlight – Vol 1!



Merchants Spotlight | October 2013 - NOVICANOVICA was founded thirteen years ago as a one-stop-shop for the latest globally trending products in fashion, jewelry and home decor.  By working directly with artisans through their regional offices, NOVICA is able to skip a few steps in the traditional supply chain, enabling artists to focus on creating higher quality items and unique designs, rather than large quantities of mass produced products. Great savings with Novica weekly coupons and promotions!



Merchants Spotlight | October 2013 - Blendtec Blenders Whether you are a culinary novice or a seasoned chef, Blendtec makes your life in the kitchen easier and your life outside healthier. From hearty soups and whole grain breads to green drinks and frozen treats. The possibilities are endless.  Produced in the U.S. at their headquarters in Orem, Utah, Blendtec blenders are recognized the world over for their performance, power, and superior functionality.  Check out the quality Blendtec Blenders today!


Reading Eggs

Merchants Spotlight | October 2013 - Reading Eggs Reading Eggs is a unique online world where children learn to read.  It supports each child’s learning by offering individual, one-on-one lessons that allow children to progress at their own rate.  With interactive animations, fun games, great songs and lots of rewards, Reading Eggs is a great place to learn to read.  Children are highly motivated to return again and again.  At Reading Eggs, learning to read is enjoyable as well as very rewarding! Get your FREE trial of The Online Phonics Program That Kids Love!


Miche Bag

Merchants Spotlight | October 2013 - Miche Bag Miche Bag is the newest sensation to hit women’s fashion!  A handbag with an interchangeable shell allows women to own as many handbags as they want, all without busting the piggy bank.  Miche Bag was formally launched in October of 2007 in two mall cart locations in Salt Lake City. Since then, other mall cart locations have opened in Las Vegas, Mississippi, Florida, California, and beyond. Get select Miche Shells for 50% off!


US Pets

Merchant Spotlight | October 2013 - US PetsUS Pets is made up of pet owners and they treat their animals like their children!  They set out to provide everything that a dedicated owner would want to provide for the more furry members of their family at prices that are fair and without the hassle and gimmicks you often find yourself having to deal with when you just want to quickly shop and move on with your day.  At US Pets you will find the best-selling, industry-leading brands combined with lightning-fast shipping and the most competitive pricing around!  Shop The Largest Selection Of Pet Supplies Today!  Free Shipping On All Orders over $79.99!

Still looking for more?

We hope you find these merchants as wonderful as we do…but if you didn’t see something you like please check out our Merchants Spotlight section for more featured products, retailers and service providers.  Happy shopping!


Merchants Spotlight – Vol 1

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