Merchants Spotlight – Vol 3

Merchants Spotlight – Vol 3


Merchants Spotlight | January 2014 - bestproductsandreviews.com

Here’s to a Happy New Year…

and another installment of Merchants Spotlight.  Everybody knows that this time of year is filled with folks making resolutions – to get in shape, to eat healthier, to make more money, to take that dream vacation.  Well, this month’s Merchants Spotlight column will help you with some of those by giving you a sneak peek at some very interesting companies that we are sure will fit the bill (hee hee!) for fitness and health.  In this column we will give you a quick overview of each merchant or service provider to get you acquainted with what they have to offer and when available we will present special discounts or coupon codes for you to save some money on your first purchase.  This month we are pleased to present Botanic Choice, Bowflex, REI, Total Gym and YOWZA Fitness for our Merchants Spotlight – Vol 3. Each of the retailers on this list will help you get in shape, get moving and get healthy.  So check them out – and get fit in 2014!


Botanic Choice

Natural Vitamins and Herbs Since 1910At Botanic Choice, you’ll always find the very best selection of Superior Natural Remedies and Herbal Supplements.

For over 103 years, Botanic Choice has been a leading provider of herbal remedies, natural beauty products, nutritional supplements, and vitmains.  Select from doctor-recommended classic favorites like apple cider vinegar and aloe vera, their exclusive formulas like Opti Gold for vision and Thyroid Complex, or natural remedies as seen on TV like Green Coffee Bean for Weight Loss and Lemon Balm for Stress Relief.

You can learn more about individual herbs, health benefits of various supplements including CoQ-10 and Resveratrol, and about other herbal supplements and natural remedies by perusing their comprehensive and ever-growing Health Library consisting of HealthNotes Newswire nutritional information, Health News articles, and their Natural Health Blog.  And don’t forget to check out their Green Foods Supplements and get natural multivitamins and supplements up to 67% off!



Merchants Spotlight | January 2014 - Bowflex

In 1984, an Ethiopian engineering student created a revolutionary model for a home gym, using unvarnished rods instead of weights to create resistance.

For years, investors refused to back the Bowflex, saying it looked like an octopus or a spider — not like an exercise machine.  Instead, the Bowflex went on to become the fastest-selling piece of exercise equipment in the United States with sales pole-vaulting from $10 million in 1995 to $585 million in 2002, nearly doubling each year.  And now they have much more than the original machine – we’re talking about numerous product lines and exercise systems.

Bowflex® has worked for more than one million people, and it can work for you.  Get fit with 20-minute workouts, three times a week and the assurance of our 100% Six Week Satisfaction Guarantee.  So go check out what all the hype is about  – get your body Bowflexed today!



Merchants Spotlight | January 2014 - REI At REI, they love to get outside and play, and they know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear.  REI stands behind all their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Whether you’re new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, they gladly share their enthusiasm for their products—and the trails, slopes and waterways where you play.  REI has been a leader in the outdoor industry since 1938.  They serve the needs of outdoors people through over 125 retail stores in the U.S. and by direct sales via the Internet (REI.com and REI-OUTLET.com), telephone and mail.

REI.com is the Internet’s largest outdoor store, offering a broad selection of trusted gear as well as expert advice and in-depth information about products and outdoor recreation.  Loyal REI customers appreciate the quality merchandise and 100% guarantee.  And REI OUTLET.com features the best assortment of brand-name closeouts, overstocks and seconds with discounts of 20 to 70 percent!


Total Gym

Merchants Spotlight | January 2014 - Total GymEndorsed by Chuck Norris & Christie Brinkley, Total Gym is the best home gym on the market.  With more than 80 exercises it’s like having an entire gym full of exercise equipment in just ONE machine, and in your home.  Do you have 10-20 minutes a day to reshape your body?  Whether you’re looking to stay lean and fit, lose weight, build muscle, tone or just get into the best shape of your life, you can do it with the Total Gym workout!

Chuck Norris has been using his Total Gym as his primary home gym for more than 30 years.  He calls Total Gym his “lean, mean exercise machine”.  Over 10 years ago, Christie Brinkley was introduced to Total Gym for strength and resistance training and agrees that “once you try it, you’ll be hooked for life”.

Now you have the opportunity to try Total Gym with their risk-free 30-Day trial with FREE Shipping.  There is no assembly required and your Total Gym folds for easy storage. If you’re not completely satisfied with adding this exercise equipment to your home gym, you can return it with no further obligation.  Start today, buy direct and get into the best shape of your life with Total Gym home exercise machines!

Pay in Full on a Total Gym Home Model and receive a Free Upgrade, which includes an extended warranty, priority processing and more!


YOWZA Fitness

Merchants Spotlight | January 2014 - YOWZA FitnessYOWZA Fitness is way ahead of the rest of the industry in terms of innovation and cutting edge design. All of their products are designed right here in the USA and tested thoroughly prior to going into production.  And because of their deep commitment to manufacturing quality and dependable customer service, you can feel comfortable knowing that YOWZA Fitness backs all of their products with a Lifetime limited warranty.

YOWZA Fitness is the only online seller of fitness equipment that is not beholden to any retail partners or big box vendors. They sell direct in order to keep their prices down and value high, as well as to provide superior customer service and support.

Their line of exercise equipment includes both folding and non-folding treadmills, fixed motion ellipticals, and Variable Motion Ellipticals (VME).  YOWZA Fitness will ship your item out of their US warehouses in 1-2 business days and all shipments will arrive on a truck with lift gate delivery.  Backed by their 30 day No-questions asked return policy you can rest assured that you have made the right choice in purchasing from YOWZA Fitness!


Need A Few More Ideas?

If these didn’t quite fit the bill why don’t you check out our Merchants Spotlight section for some more suggestions on places to get great products and services!



Merchants Spotlight – Vol 3

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