Lillian’s List | A Touching Tale of Loss, Love and Family

Lillian’s List | A Touching Tale of Loss, Love and Family

Lillian's List | A Touching Tale of Loss, Love and Family - bestproductsandreviews.com

Today we’ve got a new book for you all to check out – Lillian’s List by Bradley Salters – a wonderful read about a family’s love and loss of its title character Lillian.

“Everyone who knows Lillian Veldeen Marshall loves her.  She is a small-town matriarch of Westphalia, Michigan.  Wife of over thirty years, mother of three, grandma, and winner of countless pie-making contests, her titles go on and on.

Lillian’s love for her family is nearly rivaled by her passion for organization and structure.  Upon finding out that she is terminally ill, Lillian sets out to write the lists and instructions her family and friends will need to live without her.  The most challenging list materializes when she comes to the stark realization that Jerry, her loving husband of over thirty years will be alone after she’s gone.  This inspires Lillian to swallow her pride and write a short list of women she approves of for him to remarry.

What will Jerry do without her?  How can he live in a world without Lillian?  What will he do with Lillian’s List?”

It’s available in paperback or Kindle edition, gets wonderful reviews, and it’s at a great price!

If you’re looking for a touching tale of loss, love and family this one’s a winner.


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