Life is good | Spreading the Power of Optimism

Life is good | Spreading the Power of Optimism

Logo for Life is good | Spreading the Power of Optimism - bestproductsandreviews.comThe Life is good company, based in Boston, MA, spreads a fresh outlook on life with its colorful collection of apparel, its quality accessories, and its optimistic cultural hero with a huge smile, Jake.

Life is good has always been about Spreading the Power of Optimism.  Just by donning one of their signature shirts, slapping on a cap or throwing a brightly colored disc you too can help spread the word!  Wear this stuff with pride knowing you’re helping the world see the light, the laughter and the good.

Enjoy 15% off your next purchase just for signing up to their newsletter, and keep receiving good news all the time!

And who doesn’t want their life to be good?  We all do.  And Life is good has made it their mission to help everyone get there.  The company is dedicated to helping others achieve “goodness”.  Their site is chock full of fun, message-filled products for men, women, kids, babies, even your favorite pets!

While there don’t miss the the good vibes by checking out pages full of inspiring people, communities & activities created for spreading the power of optimism and good will to everyone.  With ongoing fresh new product intros, the Life is good festival and their continued social mission, there will always be something exciting and press worthy going on at Life is good!


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