LEGO | Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450

Lego | Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450

LEGO | Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 - bestproductsandreviews.com

Only you can decide the outcome of the epic battle between good and evil!  This awesome LEGO set from the Ninjago series features Lloyd ZX, Lord Garmadon and The Great Devourer (recenlty awakened and threatening to destroy everything in his path).  Will the legendary green ninja be able to overpower this evil adversary while riding the awesome 4-headed Ultra Dragon?  Can Jay ZX defeat the evil snake Generals Acidicus and Skalidor and their snake soldier Chokun to release his master, Sensei Wu, from the impenetrable snake prison?  Will Lord Garmadon harness the power of the four golden weapons of Spinjitzu to destroy the mighty snake?  So grab your favorite Ninjago figure and join the final battle of good versus evil!

This epic LEGO set comes with 7 minifigures (Lloyd ZX, Jay ZX, Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon, Acidicus, Skalidor and Chokun) and includes 915 pieces featuring the 4-headed Ultra Dragon, The Great Devourer, the snake prison, the Hypnobrai fang blade with blue anti-venom capsule, 4 golden weapons and 7 regular weapons.

But what other things should you be looking forward to?  Let’s have a look.
LEGO | Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 - bestproductsandreviews.com

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 – Main Features

• Includes the ultimate evil, The Great Devourer (measuring over 13″ (34cm) long), a flexible, giant snake figure whose huge mouth opens to fit a mini-figure.
• Features the four-headed, wing-flapping, super-cool Ultra Dragon (over 20″ (50cm) long, 14″ (35cm) wide and 9″ (22cm) tall), a fascinating and imposing beast ridden by the ultimate hero, the green ninja.
• Fantastic weapons including all four collectible golden weapons, seven regular weapons and the Hypnobrai fang blade (with blue anti-venom), all coming to the hero’s aid in the timeless fight against the evil snake.
• Seven legendary mini-figures (Lord Garmadon, Sensei Wu, Lloyd ZX, Jay ZX and the snakes – generals Acidicus and Scalidor and soldier Chokun, all three protecting the supreme evil master in the snake prison).
• The spacious Serpentine Prison (where Sensei Wu is locked up) includes a lifting gate, secret opening doors and a hidden snake venom trap from which poisonous venom is spit onto the heroes.
LEGO | Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 - bestproductsandreviews.com

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 – Main Advantages

• Highly educational LEGO set, allowing children to use their imagination and skills to figure out how to build the figures and the ways of taking down the evil characters, so that the heroes can prevail.
• This set is recommended by the manufacturer for children between 8 and 14 years and promotes an interest in eastern mythology and history.
• Very durable and fun LEGO set; its pieces stand the test of time thanks to the manufacturer’s reliability and passion for building powerful, long-lasting crafted toys.
• The details of this epic set are perfected to the letter – check out the long swinging snake tails and strong sword holders; the Ultra Dragon is able to shoot balls from its mouths and even has a holding handle mechanism.
• Easy to assemble and it also includes comprehensive instructions.
LEGO | Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 - bestproductsandreviews.com

Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 – Customer Reviews/ Feedback

This fantastic LEGO set, which allows its players to make a difference in the ultimate fight between good and evil within the Ninjago world, is highly appreciated by those who have purchased it.  It currently is awarded 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon reviews and is considered the best Ninjago set ever made!  Agree?  Then make sure to: Vote For The Best LEGO Set.


Overall, the Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle is an awesome, amazing and fun LEGO set which puts the builder’s imagination to the test and lets them decide for themselves who wins the supreme battle.  And the incredible price for this extravagant set simply makes it irresistible when considering it as a birthday or Christmas gift!
LEGO | Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle 9450 - bestproductsandreviews.com



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