Glasses.com | Quality Service, Name Brand Frames

Glasses.com | Quality Service, Name Brand Frames

Glasses.com | Quality Service, Name Brand Frames - bestproductsandreviews.comLike their parent company, 1800CONTACTSGlasses.com is committed to the highest standard of customer service.  They know what they really sell is service and that, in this case, glasses are just the product they deliver.

Working directly with popular frame manufacturers and world renowned lens manufacturer, Carl Zeiss Vision, their trained opticians will help you get the product and look you desire; guaranteed.  Their competitive pricing, guarantees, and 24/7 customer service make Glasses.com the only place to purchase your name brand prescription glasses.

To create the greatest online shopping experience Glasses.com brings together the brand names you want, the lenses you need, and the customer service you deserve.

Glasses.com | Quality Service, Name Brand Frames - bestproductsandreviews.com

Are you part of a vision plan?

All of their glasses are FSA and HSA eligible.  They will send you a detailed receipt that you can use for reimbursement and documentation.

Prescription sunglasses?

They do sell some of the top brand sunglasses with high-quality prescription sunglass lenses.  Go to “Rx Sunglasses” from their homepage or click on the “Rx Eligible” filter on any sunglasses page to see their prescription sunglass collection.

Need No glare or AR lens treatment?

At Glasses.com, all of their lenses come with No Glare treatment.  This is a lens treatment that is applied to the surface of glasses lenses that reduces glare or reflection.  This treatment improves vision by allowing more light to reach your eye.  It also improves the look of your glasses by eliminating the reflection on your lenses so that people can see your eyes.

Transitions lenses?

Just like ordinary clear lenses, original Transitions lenses are clear when indoors and at night.  Once outdoors, and depending on the amount of UV light present, these lenses change automatically to become darker.  Transitions is the #1 eyecare-professional recommended photochromic lens worldwide.

Glasses.com – Best Price Guaranteed. We’ll Beat any Price By 10%

No matter what you’re looking for Glasses.com has got you covered.  Because they are owned by 1-800 CONTACTS, their service is stellar – quick, quality and friendly – and their selection is top-notch – your favorite name brand frames coupled with Carl Zeiss lenses.  All of this at a great price, sent right to your door!

Glasses.com | Quality Service, Name Brand Frames



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