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NOVICA‘s mission is to spread happiness. To this end they offer artisans fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business. And for you, the customer, they offer unique handmade products, great value, and the joy of helping to nurture and elevate the craft of global artisans.

Their teams of local art experts based in every region, provide artisans with all the backup they need. From product development advice, to quality control assistance, they are there to make their listing process as smooth as possible. They operate a completely transparent system where artisans have all the control. They are free to raise or lower their own prices, can withdraw their products at any time, and can even put their items on sale

NOVICA offers 0% interest loans to artisans who want to expand their business and bring more income to their wider communities. You can lend to artisans directly on their website, or visit their loan page on

In a world where there are so many mass produced products, with no record of who made them, and under what conditions, NOVICA gives you the choice to say no to sweat shops and child labor, and to vote with your wallet for a happier world.

800Bear is a labor of love for teddy bears and smiles. What could be better than going to work everyday with cute, cuddly teddy bears? Their goal is to help you bring out smiles on the faces of your friends and family.

Their specialty is personalized teddy bears and baby gifts. They provide only the best, high quality brands. They realize that you can find teddy bears just about everywhere…but at 800Bear, you get them personalized with great graphics and any information or pictures you’d like to include. They also include FREE gift wrapping, too, to make sure that their bears and gifts arrive looking their best!

The 800Bear team has decades of experience in serving the needs and desires of customers. They’ve learned valuable lessons in direct marketing over the years, and they continue to learn better ways to serve their customers using the web, telephone service 24 hours/7 days a week, and truly personal service to meet requests that their customers bring to them. Every order they take is personalized, and personal to them.


Hammacher Schlemmer Homepage

Thirteen years before the Civil War, an uncommon hardware store in New York City’s Bowery District made a first impression that still reverberates in the history of retailing to this day. Shortly thereafter, a 12-year-old William Schlemmer began selling tools in front of his uncle’s hardware store, making $2 a week ($1 of which he mailed home to his family). As years passed, he rose through the company ranks and, with the help of Alfred Hammacher, bought out his uncle’s interest in 1867. The two of them then set to reinventing what could be expected of a retail goods store.

The store published its first catalog in 1881: a fully bound hardcover book. By 1912, the catalog contained a total of 1,112 pages and confirmed Hammacher Schlemmer as the most complete hardware source on the East Coast. So complete were its offerings, that when the first “horseless carriages” arrived, Hammacher Schlemmer offered a Motorist Touring Kit for flat tires and blown gaskets, well before service stations existed. The store’s stock even included every replacement part for the most popular pianos of the day. By 1926, and after outgrowing two previous buildings, the company moved to its present location on East 57th Street. There it occupied all twelve floors and offered household essentials, personal necessities and the first electrical appliances. During the 1930s and 40s, the name Hammacher Schlemmer would become synonymous with innovation.

Hammacher Schlemmer continues to serve customers’ needs in ways that no one else does or can. While some of the products may appear unusual, they all share the common goal of meeting the special needs of our many customers, just as a one-of-a-kind plumb bob did over a hundred years ago. From the beginning, our standards demanded quality, functionality and exemplary service. Some things should never change.


InkGarden allows you to create high-quality, low-cost customized products. Their easy-to-use online customization wizards include some of the most advanced web-based editing tools available anywhere. You can base your unique products on any of their more than 3,500 designs created by professional artists. You can add your own photos, logos and text to the designs, as well as use images from their extensive clip art gallery. You also have the option of creating your own designs from scratch.

When your design is just as you want it, you can purchase your products at very reasonable prices. InkGarden will create your products at their own facilities or oversee the process at one of their trusted partners. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the products, they will gladly refund your money.


GiftTree: Gifts for any occasion.

GiftTree is your source for extraordinary gift baskets, wine gifts, corporate gifts and champagne baskets.

At GiftTree, it’s all about the finer things in life and showcasing them just right, to completely surpass your highest expectations. And this is how they do it: A 90 point rated bottle of wine. The very definition of what a gourmet food is supposed to be. Exclusive cutting-edge designs. Same-day personalization and beautiful keepsake containers. All of this and more makes GiftTree a leader in premium gift baskets and just an all-around great gift company to do business with.

Gift Baskets are what they do best. Gourmet snacks and chocolate, premium wines and pairings, scrumptious cookie towers, premium cheeses, coffee chests, tea baskets, and so, so much more. Their selection of the finest luxury wines and award-winning champagnes is unbeatable – Groth, Cardinale, Silver Oak, Caymus, Louis Roederer, Dom Perignon, Moet & Chandon – the list goes on and on – and they showcase them in their gorgeous baskets with just the perfect items for pairing. Wine enthusiasts and anyone wishing to make a grand impression need never worry about sending just the right gift.

It all starts with design. GiftTree’s expert designers scour the creative landscape for the most on-trend, eye-catching samples available, and then produce original cartons, satin ribbons, and containers for each gift. All this to ensure your expectations are blown out of the water! This is a place where luxury and style meet to produce the most thrilling gifts available.


Cross: Quality, Style, Reliability

A.T. Cross, America’s oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments was established in 1839 by Richard Cross and Edward W. Bradbury. Manufacturing in the Providence, RI, facility first was limited to elegantly tooled gold and silver casings of wooden pencils. The company developed many writing instruments, including forerunners of the modern mechanical pencils, and the earliest stylographic pens.

The A.T. Cross Company has been a manufacturer and marketer of writing instruments since 1846 sold primarily under the Cross brand, offering ball-point, fountain and selectip rolling ball pens and mechanical pencils. The company also designs and markets branded personal and business accessories, including reading glasses, personal and business accessories and sunglasses.

Now in 2014, after 168 years of signature moments, A.T. Cross is headquartered in Lincoln, RI and has expanded several times to meet international demand for fine writing instruments. Cross writing instruments are sold in 89 countries. The company has writing instrument marketing subsidiaries in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Benelux, Germany, France and Spain.




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