Angie’s List | Need To Find A Good Service Company?

Angie’s List | Need To Find A Good Service Company?

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Angie’s List is where more than a million paying consumers share their ratings and reviews on the local contractors and service companies they hire.  Founded by Angie Hicks in Columbus, OH, in 1995, Angie’s List takes the “ask your neighbor” approach to a higher level, putting reliable, unbiased information on local companies at the fingertips of consumers in major cities across the country.

Every second, thousands of people search the Internet for service companies in their area, only to end up with lousy experiences due to limited information and recommendations.  Angie’s List takes the guesswork out of finding good service companies by providing its members with thousands of unbiased ratings and reviews on local service companies.

Angie’s List keeps expanding at an incredible pace: In 2010 they experienced a 45% increase in memberships, showing just how important it is to most folks to get quality recommendations from their peers!  (No wonder you’re reading this right now…)

Angie’s List membership comes with unlimited access to the List and a subscription to their magazine, which includes stories, tips and information on home and consumer topics.  Members also have access to the Angie’s List complaint resolution service.


Angie’s List members are typically homeowners, ages 35-64 years old.  Generally, members are professionals, married and busy.  They use Angie’s List to find a contractor who will get their home improvement or home maintenance job done right the first time.

Popular Angie’s List categories and searches include; plumbing, electricians, remodeling, roofing, carpeting, landscaping, painting and more.  Angie’s List also rates services such as auto repair, pet groomers and pool services.  In other words, you’ll find the best local reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List.


“I have long bemoaned the lack of “consumer reports” for contractors – single referrals do not always work out, so it is nice to read several reviews.” – Arpan R., Royal Oak, MI

“I can now choose contractors with confidence, even when the service in question is dauntingly unfamiliar.” – Kathleen S., Chicago

“With Angie’s List, it’s like I have thousands of friends and neighbors to talk to for information.” – Mark A., Woodbury, MN


We think Angie’s List is great!  No companies get to buy their way in and every member has used the service they review so you know that you’re getting an unbiased opinion on the local service companies in your area.  It’s a wonderful concept – Need to find a good service company?  Then, join the “List” today and get yourself some piece of mind with quality work done by a well-reviewed company in your neighborhood.  As the slogan goes: “Find local reviews on the services you need at Angie’s List.

Try Angie's List!

Angie’s List | Need To Find A Good Service Company?



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