Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy | A Book With Bite

Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy | A Book With Bite

Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy | A Book With Bite - bestproductsandreviews.com

In the spirit of Halloween, ghouls, and ghosties, we thought you should check out Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy, a book by Zane Bradey.

It’s a zombie tale, but with a few twists.

Here’s the intro just to get a taste (no pun intended):

One day you are an average citizen, carrying on with everyday mundane tasks. The next day, you are a fiendish zombie looking to tear off and eat the flesh of every family member, friend, neighbor, or stranger on the street. That’s where your story ends, right? You’re destined to live out your remaining days as a blood-thirsty zombie until deprivation or some un-infected vigilante lays you to rest?

Wrong. The government creates a cure for your cannibalistic condition. Unfortunately, you remember every gory detail of your killing sprees. Can you cope with the fact that you ingested your fellow human beings? Good news: Psychiatrist Dr. Victor Frenzel has devoted himself to treating the psychological aspects of living life after being a flesh-eating zombie. He’s accepting new clients and wants to help you get on with your life. Unless he suspects that you are one of the infected cannibalistic fiends who ate his lovely young wife, Barbara. In that case, you might be a prime candidate for one of his more cutting-edge treatments.

Either way, you will be cured…

Sounds cool, huh?!

Currently working in a mental health setting, Zane’s “day job” he’s been observing the cases of those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and it gave him the basic concept of living life as a cured zombie.

With memories of terrifying events relived through flashbacks and nightmares, how do you live life after having been a zombie?

You’ll have to read Aftereffects to find out!

It’s available on Kindle or Paperback so you’re covered either way (another one of those accidental puns again).

We know this is a busy month full of horror hijinks but give yourself a few minutes to relax and you’re sure to have some fun reading this soon to be zombie classic…just don’t bite off more than you chew! :)


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